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90’s Mira-ge

July 2, 2015

I was recently asked to design some 90’s inspired graphics for an Australian Daihatsu Mira. Here’s some of the results!

1984 Murder Spree

July 2, 2015

Continuing the scooter rescue, I had picked up this 1984 Honda Spree for free from Nanaimo. It was in severely rough shape, having not followed the recommened “Not for offroad use” sticker posted below the gauge cluster. Another sticker posted on these scooters is the tune of “Don’t modify, you’ll just make it slower.” And it’s the truth, for those of you just getting into scooters or other 2 stroke engines, there is a difference in your approach to modifying a 2 stroke versus a 4 stroke. Yes, it’s true, the more an engine breathes, the better the performance, however 4 stroke engines have valves controlling the timing and volume of air entering and exiting the cylinder. That’s a nifty piece of engineering as 2 strokes generally do not have this luxury. Instead, 2 strokes have open holes in the sides of the cylinder, and depending on the position of the piston in the height of it’s stroke, will determine whether air is entering or exiting the cylinder. At one point in the stroke, both intake an exhaust ports are open! What this means is, depending on the pressures on either side of the cylinder, intake and exhaust pressures, air will naturally move to the side with lower pressure. What does this all mean? It means, unlike your 4 stroke car, you can’t just open the exhaust and intake volumes, with mufflers and intake systems, freely without consideration. Both must compliment each other, so that when the piston drops down to exhale and inhale, it’s not just going back and forth through the same/wrong port!

Hello Shitty Kitty

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Vintage ad

June 19, 2015

Kinda want to print this and tuck it into an old magazine at the library

JDM Coachbuilt Convertible Honda Prelude INX Los Angeles Style Lowrider

June 18, 2015

I probably missed a few descriptors, but I whatever.

Speed Hero DP1S “Centauri” Wheels

June 10, 2015

6 years ago I came up with a wheel design that I had really wanted to see. At the time I did not have the skills to really create an appealing visual to represent my idea. I toiled in my regular 3D programs but couldn’t quite find the right information, create the right shapes and overall present the right idea. The idea was another stuck in my brain, without translation to a good medium for others to see. At the time, I had shared some rough drawings with a designer, he whipped up Solidworks and cranked out some wheels. They looked great, but, his interpretation of my vision was quite liberal aside the original idea. You can see his interpretation here.

I saw promise in these and entertained the idea of manufacturing them. This avenue narrowed, and the road ended fairly quick. Skipping a few years in the future, a girlfriend I was dating at the time was going to a local community college. This community college featured course in CAD. Unable to afford to attend, using her entry I was able to sneak into the computer lab late at nights. While she did homework I spent the next few weeks teaching myself solidworks.

Skipping another few years ahead to the present, I was finally in a financial position to afford a computer quick enough to run solidworks. After a few test pieces recently, I decided to just in head first and build the Centauri wheels the way I had imagined them nearly 6 years ago. So, I present to you, the two piece, adjustable offset, 15×9, dual Bolt Pattern, Speed Hero DP1S Centauri Wheel. Thanks for reading!

Top 10 reasons this isn’t a top 10 blog post

June 9, 2015

I couldn’t believe what was happening, when I saw it I just had to….. Read more…

Murder Sprees and Black Betty’s & other bits

June 9, 2015

Here’s just some random stuff from lately.

I managed to score a whore of a scooter. This started as someones mom’s scooter, then their sons, then their friends, another friends, lent and returned from another friend, then spent some time in a storage unit. 1984 Honda Spree, in the Canadian only ‘Vista Blue’. It’s a Heap. #1 lesson in scooters is DONT REMOVE THE AIR BOX. The tiny little 2 strokes don’t do well as the carbs are purposely oversized and need the restriction the air box gives to run and idle properly. It does not make them faster to remove the air box, just louder and slower! This little example hasn’t seen the road since 1992!


I’ve now officially owned 26 Corollas. An addiction to say the least. This happened to be E7 Liftback #4. First we had Betsy White, then we had Betsy Blue, then we had another white one, this time Betty White, and it only made sense to call this one; Black Betty.

Found abandoned in a car port by Kahla, we were lucky to find the owner standing outside! After a bit of chatting he agreed to meet with me the next day to take a look at the car and get it running. A battery, some gas and swapping one of the wheels out managed to get the car home. I then spent 2 days and nearly $200 cleaning the vomit, coffee, and cigarettes out of the damn thing!!! It was disgusting. What I was left with was the only factory Black E7 I’d ever seen. It had a strange interior as well, with integrated head rests, another first for me. Later on I was able to score a nice pair of remote adjustable factory chrome mirrors and B-pillar trim, two more obscurities I’d never owned on an E7 before.

Although kinda denty, it was an extremely low rust example, just look at those arches and rocker panels!!!

Steam cleaner in hand, I removed all the seats, and much of the interior trim and basically hosed, purple powered, and steam cleaned them over and over endlessly to get as much of the nasty guck out of this car. It was one of the dirtiest cars I’d ever owned, but it cleaned up decently! Here you can see the rare black and grey interior with the integrated head rests. The fabric reminds me of the early Japanese market E7s.

For what ever reason, and accidentally in tune with the black paint job, the car featured incorrect taillights. These 82-83 non-sport body
(2/4 door sedan) taillights were forcefully installed before even the previous owned ever had the car. They suited the exterior well, so they didn’t stand out at all. Check out the passenger mirror, uncommon!


The engine bay cleaned up nicely as well!


Black Betty was solely acquired for use by my Mom who had flown across the country to visit me. It was her first ever vacation in almost 15 years! This Corolla was similar to the one her and I had when I was growing up, so I cleaned it up so she could get around during her trip, she was quite pleased when she arrived. :)

After she left I sold Black Betty, the money was filtered right into a new graphics rig. I’ve been dying to play with advanced 3D programs for a long time now, and had been itching to do it for a few years now!!!!! Finally I have something to express my ideas with. Immediately I began diving into design programs. A few years ago I used to sneak into the local college to use Solidworks on their computers. After a few weeks I managed to teach myself how to use the program. This was my first stop on my new rig. It’s so nice to be at home and design at my own convenience without worry of being kicked out, or the cops called. lol


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