I’ve always wanted to….

So, My weekend goes like this:

– Key gets stuck in ignition and breaks off

– I’m so bored I got to bed at 7pm only to keep waking up every 20 minutes in a pool of sweat, oh and my mom and her boyfriend doing the hussle loudly in the other room
-I get my first ever parking ticket…in front of my own house!!!

– exhaust falls completely off, broken off right at the flange that mounts to the header

– My girlfriend of 7 years dumps me.

Shitty weekend. So I had to do something I had always dreamed of doing. Cutting my rx7 into a truck. Here’s a quick horrible snapshot from 3:30am in the morning.


And, I got my first ever traffic ticket today, (tuesday) for my broke off exhaust! hurray!


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