Guessing Game. Question marks!

I’ve recently got my hands on some more pictures from Japan, so as I organize to make some new posts I figured I’d throw out a little guessing game:

I know what it is, but do you?

+1 for the manufacturer
+2 for the model
+3 for the platform name and who it originated with
+4 for the sub-model name in these two photo’s and the company who tuned them!

You have a possible 10 points!!!

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Guessing Game. Question marks!

  1. I win ALL 10 POINTS!

    1) Isuzu
    2) Isuzu Aska
    3) It was originally a jbody from chev
    4) Irmscher is the tuning company!

    second generation was also a subaru legacy, it then turned into a honda accord.

    I AM THE WINNARRRRRR! ( note to all this took 2 hrs of research and i hate quinn )

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