Charles Manson Returns.

So, if your doing something destructive, can you call it progress? The Zeeboo has made some changes as of recent. I think I’m the only person to ever put Bias Ply tires on an AWD corolla wagon…..but I could be wrong, there’s plenty of these cars imported into the northern wastelands of Russia.

Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

The Zeeboo is an explosion of misguided energies. I’m very aware of it’s misguidance, but sometimes you just need a release. This is the reason I have greasy hairy palms, car culture masturbation. All my favorite influences crammed together. 24 Hour Lemons, Drift Missiles, Hood rides, obscure Japanese cars, all mushed into a single poorly crafted creation.


Still work to go: Sway bars, differential, shocks. Currently the car has JZA80 N/A front springs in the back, and planning on putting some MA70 front shocks on the rear as well. A set of JZA80 sway bars are being measured up to see how well they may fit…..

Seats? Modded Stock sliders. Steering Wheel? Modded Stock Hub.
Seats? Modded Stock sliders. Steering Wheel? Modded Stock Hub.

This is my second truck conversion, and I assume: more to come…

7 thoughts on “Charles Manson Returns.

  1. What did you do with the info about the different model door on the AE95, fits but the pressed body lines don’t match up?? I wanted to use it to explain exactly that to some friends

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