Day in the life of..

My wonderful girlfriend has lent me a Camera. I got some shots from my day today as a bit of practice…


So my afternoon started with a drive home from Guelph in my loaner for the weekend: 1983 Toyota Corolla. For those of you are unfamiliar with these cars, you should really do some homework. They are the same underbody/floor pan as an ae86, and basically everything is compatible both stock and aftermarket for the ae86 with the (A, K, T) E70 series corollas!


Took the long route up to work, late in the afternoon, some cleaning and race car prep needed to be done for tomorrows lapping at mosport. I had been spotting Amazing cars all weekend, like a Sentra Truck, 30’s chevy coupe, and other fun stuff driving around earlier but didn’t have the camera charged and on me. Sadly, this is all I saw on my way to work.

TP'd Beeetch
TP'd Beeetch

Phil had the Supra’s spewed across the lot as he had been there prepping most of the day.




Someone was a little to shy to come out and play though.


Which is okay, as some others were a bit more boisterous.



Greeted by the same old faces, and some new ones as well.



Ahhh, well my romantic fling with the ’83 rolla is over for the weekend and it’s back to old reliable ‘boo…with an exhaust leak…blarghk! Anywho, that’s the average day of Quinn, driving, wrenching, playing. 🙂


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