The Capital D Climax

Capital D molested Western Speedway once again for the final event of the season. S13’s were assaulted, hachi rokus were slapped like insolent children. There were fairys, pirates and a banana involved as well as all the extras from the Breakfast Club.

Nakamura looking to bury his treasure.

All the usual suspects were in attendance. The triumvirate of power that is Scremin, Nakamura, Schroeder and Thompson…wait…quadumvirate? The driver turnout was massive so there were a lot of new faces and new cars. Ian Fournier (Drift Safari) was out in his R32 laying down some of the most aggressive runs of the day followed closely by a thick snake of smoke.

1 out of 3 Corollas is styling hard on you right now.

Matt Do was a crowd favorite with his new paint job. The hard as fuck bodywork was a joint effort between Pete Schroeder (Neptune D), Adrian Smith and Do-boy himself. He proved himself master of the donut and showed what those bulky black plastic bumpers are good for while kissing the wall right in the face.

Kevin Peterson was tearing it up in his 1j’d Cressy. He also gets serious points for the best post-event parking spot and punching Adrian in the face.

Scremin pushed hard in tandem against Fournier and managed to beat him out due to some questionable judging.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Matt Tregear crashed his 86 during the practice runs. In a moment of brilliance/insanity he went home and picked up his minty daily driver to finish up the event and attempt to hold onto his lead in overall points.

Mr. Schroeder seemed to be experiencing a number of problems throughout the night and showed less of the screaming angles he’s known for.

Suspension trouble forced Pete to surrender.

When it was all said and done. Kohei Nakamura took not only the night but the season with Matt Tregear coming a close second for overall points. The track ate Steve Thompson’s engine, a blue S13’s suspension (wait for the Neptune Drift video to see the air time), part of Schroeder’s suspension and Matt Tregear’s front end.

There is no valid excuse for missing the greatest drift event of the year. You lose, bitches.

Now pictars!

I forgot to mention the madness that was a 10 car tandem run. Smoke tornado. I will try and track down some decent footage of that.

More to come.

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    thanks speed hero! you guys always kill it with the coverage. no doubt though, if you were somebody, you were at the event

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