Outlets, part 1

Everyone has different lives. Different morals cause different sets of ‘importants’ in each persons life. These directly affect that persons responsibilities and the people associated with them. It’s a tangled web and for what ever reason, at times we sometimes cannot express the feelings and desires we have for certain things in the way we want to, so we have outlets.

I remember when I was 17 I just couldn’t own a car, but loved them so much, so I had to find ways to get those feelings out there. One of the many ways was Model cars. I spent so much time building and playing with them, and a very integral part of that inspiration was a modeler named Jevries.


I don’t know Jevries limitations or interests per say but for some reason he stuck with model car building, and it has earned him international fame.

Each one of his builds are intricate, and extremely well engineered! He seems to have a true passion and skill for the hobby. I only wish I knew more about the specifics of his desire to be the best!

From large 1/10 scale, down to 1/64 scale Jevries has instructions on how to build your own!
Check out his webpage!

It’s interesting to see that his hobby has led him around the world. from California to Japan and back home to Holland.

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