Hell Comes to Drift Town.

If you’re going to have a small Toyota meet, you might as well do it in the middle of a hurricane. The weather was intense, huge winds and damn cold but with Paul down from Calgary, we had to roll out.

Warren was out in his 86, White, stripped and now rolling on some new 14 x 7 diamonds. Jeff was doing his best impression of a hovercraft, floating just barely off the pavement.

His cressy is soon to be rocking a 5-spd, watch out for him on the track.

Chris looked daper in his Tercel…ahem…Starlet, considering the ridiculous care and attention to detail that went into his Rolla build, I expect big things from this car. Lastly, Brett showed up in an e70 that makes mine look like a Veyron pulled from the bottom of a marsh. Well, more so than usual.

Paul was playing practicality with the pickup truck he drove from Alberta, not exciting at all with the exception of a)Paul was in it b) Free clutch is free. Thanks Paul.

We finally ran for shelter in the nearest beer house, then the second nearest, then we made new plans and tried to head on our way. Of course no old school Toyota meet would be complete without car troubles.

Finally we all settled in to a nice warm beer? Enjoyed a nice cold restaurant? There was beer and food.

Jeff and Warren aren’t pictured since they were closest to me and I’m a lazy photgrapher.

Chris is intrigued by Paul’s theories and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

Warren lays down a profound truth and Paul’s face promptly melts.

Jeff loves drift saloons, Chris is amused.

It was a great, lazy, cold night and a good time was had by most. Well, by me anyway. Now, just because people love huge wordy posts that don’t really say anything. Let’s continue.

I’m just kidding. Here’s a gratuitous shot of my car, the little bit of JDMness is to hide the lack of progress. “Now when people look they’ll say “that guy must be legit. I’m working on it, I swear.

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