Time Machine.

I really want one, I want the ghost of rally’s past to come to my bedside and show me the ways things used to be. If you have only heard of Group B, if you have never heard of Group B, if you think you know Group B, please take your time to look through the following links. I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you, and I really don’t want you viewing this blog unless you’ve spent some time looking through this.

You see, the picture above, is the pinnacle of Motorsport. Nothing greater, the greatest. You may be thinking I’m just another blogger/journalist caught up in the popularity of group B. You’d be right in someway, but much like the mass population loves to get lost in books of fantasy, holding their swords, slaying their dragons, Fire breathing, mountain navigating, monsters roam my mind. The difference is, group B Happened, there was no ring, there was no sword in the stone, just an unruly contest of might that happened on real soil, with real witnesses, and consequently, real casualties.

Please, if you are vague on the story of Group B, I will not provide coles notes, sit down, and read through. Never since has such brutal force been released on public roads for competition, nor before.

Start here:
Visual Pictoral of Group B.

Once your done that, please take time to watch through the documentary.

Second Step:

once your done with those parts continue here: Third Step

4th Step.

There the very moments that killed Group B.

Thank you for your time.

3 thoughts on “Time Machine.

  1. Did you notice the AE86 rallycar in the shot of Kankkunen and Alen at the Tacoma dome in seattle in 1986? 😀 (page4)

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