Thanks to Kwik!Gti on VW Vortex for capturing this new Japanese subculture. Just like the, Heavy Sound post, these Dodge vans are something fresh and very new that seems to have some following, even if it is small now. Group “Youga Base!” are leading the way. 🙂

Seems pretty interesting, I guess they’ve already run race/drift events at Ebisu!

It’s great to witness this so early on, as it begins to give value, and recognition to vehicles that are long ignored. And, for the few people out there that do enjoy this outlet, some sort of backing to indulge in their fantasy.

Hopefully this is a resurgence in the 70’s Vanning era, perhaps with a modern twist? The 60’s must’ve been a frustrating time for people who cared about the world, as they not only had to battle with those who controlled the world, but those who were along for the ride of ‘freedom’ which for many, and as the 70’s drew closer, was more and more of an excuse just to experiment with drugs and run away from home, and live in a van.

Luckily though, through this transition period some questionably, but noticeably great automotive art was created.

Though it is such a small movement now, the idea seems well done, and has enough of a following to inspire others. Alas, for me, it’s a great excuse to post up old 70’s vans, ’cause I like ’em.

‘insert funny comment’ Honda Odyssey! Hahahahha

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