Slip, Slip, Grip, Spin.

The first Capital Drift practice of 2010 and what an explosive start. With at least 17 cars in attendance there was a huge variety of cars, power and skill level.

The morning air was cool and the track was still wet. This worked out for those who are still new to the sport but offered some interesting challenges as it started to dry in patches throughout the day.

These practices offer such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that it prompts even the greenest beginner to get out and give it a shot. Everyone gathers simply to enjoy the suffering of tires and threatening their paint jobs with an abrupt and catastrophic death.

Chris Scremin arrived from the mainland in a friends car…

After a brief “watch out for the pothole” and an “I don’t care” Scremin was off. 35 seconds in…

I’ve mentioned it before but this most recent practice cemented it in my mind. In a sport that is often populated by huge egos and unrelenting personality, it’s truly amazing to find a humble and truly excited fan that is also a dominating driver.

Grant “Gpenny” Kozier is a force of nature. His stubborn refusal to ever straighten is astounding. I assume he drives to work sideways. He is definitely the driver to watch for this season. You can’t miss hims while he’s driving and purposely trying to do the bump with walls at high speed. That being said you can’t miss him in the pits either since he’ll be the one cheering loudest and offering an excited chat and a handshake to anyone.

His driving is unbelievable. His personality makes his exceptional.

Wait, there were other drivers you say?

Mike Slaco showed his serious commitment by throwing his newly repaired FD around the track. He’s still got a ways to go but after some clean, huge slides he is visibly improving. This will definitely be a good year for him.

Jeff Minnion and Warren Foster were back. Warren sporting the new front suspension setup you may have noticed in an earlier post. I look forward to seeing the momentum and improvement they’re showing continue as the season actually starts. You may also notice the trendy Speed Hero stickers in the windshield, that definitely improves drift ability.


Hopefully this turnout wasn’t like fat people at the gym after new years. I’d love to see the Capital Drift series continue to grow.

My only pic of the elusive Liam. I just can’t seem to get shots of this guy.


As always, I’d like to say a big thank you to the folks behind Capital D. The ever growing, ever improving, always over exposed faces of drifting in British Columbia.

Be sure to check out their site for updates, event dates and blind dates. Get out and driver or at least come check it out.

7 thoughts on “Slip, Slip, Grip, Spin.

  1. “Scremins car” actually belongs to Bradford_Ramage (Sorry, don’t know his real name). It was just Scremin driving at the time. The whole car’s pretty rad. Unfortunately the tire trouble was just the beginning. I guess the bluetop gave up the ghost on the way back to the mainland.

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