Down in the Ghetto….

So you buy a wagon for $50 with a blown 3TC. You live with NO money and you want to drop a motor in it? You grab the SR5 subframe sitting around back, jam it in and figure some shit out.

Yes I re-used a photo. Anyways, story goes, bought a wagon for $50 bones, it sat at Ed’s place for 6 weeks until he threatened to crush it. Fair enough. Called up the CAA (like AAA but Canadian Baconish) and had them tow it home. Turns out the driver has had an ae86 for 9 years and doesn’t mind that I’m obviously towing a project home.

So the Sr5 I had, got tradedthe SR5 frame away for an FC RX7, that I drove for a while, made into a truck then it stopped running. So I wanted to build my wagon. The SR5 drivetrain was saved. The 4AC had rod knock, but the 3TC who had a hole in the block….now what? Well Jules, approached us in Burger king “you guys want some free 4AGE’s?”…..Yes.

So, I had all this stuff and no money? so let’s put the 4ac into the wagon…..wait, it’s got rod knock…hurrrr…then 4age? That would be great BUT there’s too much wiring to be done and some parts missing to deliver fuel… what? 4AC head on a 4AGE block!

So, people hate me for doing this, but it’s free and who cares. lol There’s another 4AGE sitting here if it fails.

There, wish me luck! Teeth car rocks.

8 thoughts on “Down in the Ghetto….

  1. seems pretty decent. i like no money builds. i was unaware the 4a heads were interchangeable.. you learn something new everyday!

  2. lol at the trouble light holder!!!

    i need one of those.

    Is this my old engine? if so this is funny, the engine came from ed…now its going back into eds car?

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