Speed Hero. Car Builder? Yes.

You know, we have always sort of been a car building service…in some way or another. Let’s hope the future holds some more promise, better tools and improved skills.

Videos games are a terrible thing. They have led me down a path of self destruction, dragging all those near me down as well. They were one of my original outlets to building cars, trying ideas and just having fun with vehicles in motion, after growing tired of just buying and assembling pre-designed cars in video games, I got into making them for scratch myself. This was my first real set of outlets, not counting the 5000+ dinky cars I had as a kid.

However, after this, I got to have the chance to begin building real cars. But I’ve always been limited in resources…

Stuff like the Zeeboo got built: a 4WD, auto, open differential, drift wag….truck…..with bias ply tires. 😀

There was plenty of cheap and free cars to have fun with. James and I’s first collaboration was a nice RX7 coup……truck….

Recently he and I collaborated along with the help of some good friends to build up the Zombie 2.

A long time ago, before the Zombie 2 though, I had a nice little time building an ae86…..not a regular ae86, a Rotary ae86 with junkyard selection of parts and the car was completed on a $165 budget. As with all our cars, the effort is in the thought of the construction process, maximizing free resources and trying our best. Did I mention the car was built in 5 days with mostly just hand tools? The Bad Apple Rotarolla was constructed from a free, rotten ae86 coupe frame, a $60 13B with transmission and a bunch of random odds and ends kicking around the shop. Phil my boss and good friend was off for the week to do some paper work for the shop, so I took the opportunity to throw together a race car with what ever was in my pocket.

So, as per the first picture in the post, it’s nice to find out that my handy work, the thing I created. A concept in my head, to final product, is still alive and kicking. Wonderful. 🙂

The future holds a lot for us, and though people may not understand the procedure, the process or the ideals, they will hopefully enjoy the final product. Wish us luck and good will on our projects! Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Speed Hero. Car Builder? Yes.

  1. Nice.

    “I’m sorry mom” makes me feel nice inside. Thank you for being a car enthusiast and not a wannabe rockstar.

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