Project MCSC

Mi Casa Su Casa.

This is the beginning of a very long term project. The pace is unset, however, it’s determined not by my involvement, but rather the activity and openness of the local car community.

The idea:
Bridge the gap between locals while creating an active community surrounding a common interest.


Our first attempt with the MCSC project is to join in with a currently exsisting swap meet. Unlike the old hotrodders, this newer generation of car enthusiasts have lost touch in connecting with each other on a personal level. Since track time is so rare in North America at an affordable price rarely do people get together to swap resources, meet new faces and exchange ideas. Swap meets are perfect for these types of interactions as it allows people to meet for the first time by exchanging resources towards their projects and goals on a cheap/near free level. Approach those who have things that you want, offers trades, cash etc. This connects those who are sharing similar chassis and goals together. A side benefit of swap meets, is it’s a way to not only justify your hobby/passion to those loved ones who don’t quite understand it, by finding community and making changes. Exchanging parts and ideas helps build confidence, motivation and seek out contacts and resources once considered lost amongst the daily congestion.

Event #1

Mission statement:

-Open up communication between automotive enthusiasts located near each other.

First Action Plan: Free Trade


The basics of this is pretty simple, every sunday at the local race course is an open swap meet. Mainly dominated by American cars, there is a need to bring those in the Dorikaze, BC240, BCRotary, BC4x4 and others in the Victoria Area together to open lines of communication. Exchanging ideas, sharing goals, and making new connections is important and progressive.

Looking to meet up on May 1st!


-It is suggested that you haul all you can out. 🙂
-It’s $10 to register as a seller, and $1 to register as a buyer. Pretty simple and easy!
-Meet Starts at 6am, and runs until 2pm.
-Located in the Parking lot of Western Speedway in Langford.
-Tim Horton’s and plenty of other restaurants located near by.

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