A certain sort of Fetish.

Hard tops and cool runnings.

I’m always a fan of interesting and multipurpose car roofs. It’s a rarity in it’s own, and I’m not talking about putting in two sunroofs. Rather, various transformations of roofs for the purpose of fun and leisure wrapped onto something sporty and quick is interesting and different.

Pictured above is a BMW E36 with a Baur roof conversion. A coachbuilder amoung the rest, Baur BMW’s are rare but not something new. However, getting your hands on a Aplina Baur conversion is something a bit spectacular.

I’m pretty sure myself and count chocula posted above are about the only people on the planet interested in a double-coachbuilt car. A Bmw, tuned by Alpina, then chopped by Baur to be sold brand new to a customer? Pretty crazy series of events lead to the purchase of that car.

How about more European love? The Lancia Beta was available in many bodystyles including a Pininfarina designed, Zagato built convert….errr, well, it’s an “aero” roof.

Yet another Karosserie Baur built car, the Aero Kadett featured a near identical Aero styled roof.

Toyota was not to be left out of the Aero game. A personal favorite of mine, the Griffith built Toyota Celica Sunchaser.

Or how about the rare Toyota Soarer AeroCabin? Heck, it’s got Aero in the name!

Here’s one Cueman over at QR Garage found of a Subaru Legacy Aero roof! Crazy.

5 thoughts on “A certain sort of Fetish.

  1. Don’t forget the mighty Citroen 2CV as seen here:

    Actually Citroen made a lot of small-prod crazy convertibles right up through the ’80s. From the small, cheap 10x-series right up to the luxury 4-door XM. Soft top? Check. Some of them even kept the rain out.

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