Hunting Season Has Begun

Cap D’s second season has officially opened. Walls were kissed, cars were mangled and glory was obtained.

There are photos to edit and traumas to relive so stay tuned over the next day or two. For now, enjoy the bloopers.

Bentmafk indeed.

Chris Vriend was collecting battle scars throughout the evening. The man is curb-hopping, wall-tapping, disco-dancing machine.

This whole situation made no sense. Gpenny Kozier made a confusing attempt at passing followed by going in too hot and spinning. From such a solid and consistent driver, the whole situation made no sense? Pete Schroeder had no time to react and ended up taking Grant from behind without even buying him dinner.

Unfortunately, Pete was driving a loaner due to engine troubles with his new build. Rough.

The event went very well despite some organizational issues and some preteen drama. Success in spite of itself.

The next post will have more drifting and less crashing and crying…probably.

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