Zombi Neither Shows Nor Shines

Well I guess it technically shows. The all Japanese show and shine was a great day full of cars, friends, fun and chimichangas.

I love the old Civics and this was an exceptional example. I especially like the massive moon roof and glowing endorsement of the hondamatic transmission

The Datsun 1000 was a new one for me. This B10 was part of the first line of Sunnys to be released. The rugged, found in a barn look suited the model, I mistook it for a Toyota Sprinter at first glance.

There was a Corolla wagon that was almost perfect. A flawless Hawaiin sunset of a paintjob, subtle pinstriping and the chrome and red rims made this a masterpiece.

Pictures, so many pictures.

Blacktop SR20, widebodied, S15 front end.

I may dump some more of the photos in the coming days, especially if the masses demand it.

Also, don’t forget Capital Drift. The next event is June 18 I believe, keep an eye out for them in the Goldstream Gazetted in the next couple of weeks as well.

6 thoughts on “Zombi Neither Shows Nor Shines

  1. More pics pleaseeeeee. Especially the of the soarer and 3 skylines that were parked beside each other if possible

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