British Columbia celebrated, oh I don’t even know, some birthday or something. All I know: drifting. Although a small crowd of spectators, the driving for this extra long Capital City Drift day were out in strong numbers with a great showing from the mainland. An oddly smooth, yet overly simplistic track layout seemed to suit both the under and over powered cars quite well even with the final being dominated by pony filled Jap Scrap. We had the regular bunch of hobo’s running the show with some new faces, things went fairly smoothly. Overall a decent day from a judges perspective. Driving today was very constant it seemed. This BC day event was the fourth and final of the Capital City Drift series for the summer, and this summer has been pretty spastic with the running of the events. Luckily people get to drive their cars, enjoy the nice weather and gather around for taking verbal shots at each other, a constant through history with eccentrics gathering under the sun. Thanks to all who came, good to meet some new people, and hope to see you at the coming practices. We will be announcing the winner of the CCD championship shortly, and stay tuned for some more photos. Thanks to Robin Fulton for these photos from today’s event! šŸ™‚

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