Now that I’m Famous……

I’ll be requesting green olives on my tooth picks no matter the occasion or use.

Few years ago I was developing my obsession with World Cars; vehicles that can be easily used no matter their location in the world. This is more than an afternoon, but a lifetime of abuse and repair. I decided to design my own called the Litoria, oddly enough someone came knocking on my inbox this morning:

Arunas from All Car Index apparently saw my post on the Topazzio which included a comparison to ‘The Litoria’, a world car I designed back in 2007. Feels good man? Sorta, a little bit of a mistake on his part, but it’s neat that A, people are reading the blog, and B, have interest in my ideas even if they didn’t read everything correctly.

Want to know more about the Litoria? Just click this shit.

4 thoughts on “Now that I’m Famous……

  1. I like the diamond headlight version. Like shreddies, you should sell the regular version and the diamond version side by side with no other differences.

    Im trying to model my sprinter in 3dsmax so i can carve a scale model with my dads cnc carver thing. and maybe import my car into LFS. But I started having dreams with polygons and vertexes that wont weld so I’m taking a breather!

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