25,000 and counting.

I’d just like to thank all of our loyal followers for continuing to read our shitty little blog. This month was our highest readership ever, we’ve been steadily increasing over time. Not only does that, by a justified mathematical measurement prove with science that we are cool, but it means we’re doing a good job. James, Aaron, and myself would like to hear some feedback if you got it. Your more than welcome to post here, or just hit us up on Facebook sometime, http://www.facebook.com/discoquinn

Sadly there will be some changes in the future. Because of extended use of the wordpress blog, we will need to possibly have advertisments on the blog in order to pay for the soon to be, storage fees. We’ll see, nothing is definate, or set in stone. However, since Science never lies, I would highly suggest grabbing some Speed Hero hats, t-shirts, and stickers. We do not actually make any money on these, however, it helps spread the love, improve the reader ship and prove, using science that by associating yourself with us, you too are cool, or to be more precise, since were talking science here, Hot as Ice, Cool as Fyre.

Donations of old tools, tires, cameras, lambo doors, magazines, basically anything car related is welcomed. As well, if you have some interesting things to say and really need an outlet, we need all the help we can get. Although it seems like it’s little work, it actually takes a lot of time to keep this going, and we love to do it, but that makes it hard to grow. Even if you just want to share some snaps from an event, or an idea for an article feel free to drop us a line. DiscoQuinn@gmail.com

Thanks for the support!


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