5 thoughts on “ma70CutOutb

  1. Two years? You we’re driving my car while I was fkn you’re whre mom way longer than that!

  2. excellent. i even think its ugly. im throwing away one i got as a neglected project. bought it ofr the 2jzgte on a pallet… if theres actually someone that likes these come get it free. now

  3. Number 1. It’s NOT 3800lbs…..MK3 supras are 3400lbs which by todays standards is not too heavy for a sports car.

    2.You’re theory on the steering lock is wrong….I have a pic of my supra from that angle proving you wrong.

    3.It’s suspension the TEMS Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension was far ahead of its time….Porche was fhe only other car manufacturer with an electronic suspension of that time. Not a bad crowd at all.

    4. You’re personal opinion on color means jack shit.

    5. MK3 supra was only other factory 6cyl that can hit 150mph then porche.

    6. Having a car for only two years doesn’t make you an expert at all.

    7. Bitches love targa top.

    8. A clean MK3 lowered with rims and exhaust looks sexy.

    9. Nobody cares about you’re theory on what cock riders are.

    10. Last but not least. You bought a car you knew absolutely nothing about, still don’t and failed with it miserably that’s your own fault.

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