Fliking through some photos.

I’m a theif thief thief. Stealing photos of Toyotas.

Public sports Cocnept. More thefts below.

This is the Publica Sports Concept. It features a pretty sweet sliding top. This early version had one interesting roof, while the Hybrid prototype had one of the first known Targa tops.

Publica Sports 800 production model.

Just a early racing photo of a Toyota Sports 800, perhaps staged for a brochure.

This Publica sports was a rare, and one of the earliest ‘Hybrid’ cars ever made. Gas Turbine that spun an electric motor.

Long before the poorly 45mpg Prius was this Gas Turbine, Electric Hybrid prototype from Toyota.
A nice photo of two hardworking FJ pickups. If I had the sponsorship I'd write a magazine strictly on work trucks. They are all different, amazing and do interesting things.
Toyota Publica. Of the same bloodline as the Sports 800, the Publica was a series of sedans, coupes, convertibles, wagons, and trucks, aimed to be an affordable range of vehicles from which the Starlet and ever so slightly, Tercel and Corolla spawned from.
Short Wheel base Toyota LandCruiser. Not to be confused with a Nissan Patrol or Isuzu Trooper.
I always love the variations of tailights and bumpers when accommodating European plates.
The most off beat body style of the Landcruiser
As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of the FJ cruiser pickups.
Apparently the UK received the Toyota Hiace in it's early years. However they were only work vans, and caravan conversions were done, including adding the rear windows.
Flat sheet metal, all you need to make a solid bed.
More Cruiser, looks like a mix of Aussie and middle eastern specifications.
The Stout pickup, we even received these in North America.
There was a strange era for toyota in the late 70's, including a many models of Shooting Brake body styles. The Celica, Tercel and Corolla 2 door hatches from 78ish, were not well received, but I like them. 🙂
Pizza Cutters look perfect on an MX32!
The Kijang! A long term, and extremely popular van/truck in South Asia.
The griffith built Toyota Sunchaser, gave you the option of 3 different roof configurations!

One thought on “Fliking through some photos.

  1. Dude… if thats a New South Wales license plate on that green Cressida, I bet its the exact car I almost bought when I was down there.

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