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Blazing Trails flying Winnibago over a group of Trekkies fighting about Wolverine. The Freezing Dolphins were relieved by the Chinook

April 6, 2011

Yeah, it happened. I’m going to take a wild guess at the name of the 4 runner, and that is perhaps the number of companies competing over building an SUV on the infamous Toyota Hilux/pu? As well as a few neato little campers! So much lounging area in something that was only sold as a Pickup.

Let’s try to keep our heads wrapped around this…..

So we’ve got the Toyota TrailBlazer: Brought to you by one of my favorite coach builders, Griffith! An enclosed rear cabin, is about all I know. I’m unsure if there was more seating in the rear?

An unknown Coachbuilder created the very pretty, and well styled Toyota Wolverine. Another SUV conversion.

Now we have the Winnibago built Toyota Trekker, yet another SUV conversion of the Hilux or state side P/U.

So that’s all right? Naw, we’ve got more!


National RV Holdings built the Toyota Dolphin, A motorhome!


And we mustn’t forget the ever so handsome of the bunch, the Toyota Chinook. It’s like the mustache and Canadian Tuxedo of pickup trucks.

But to be honest, there is tons more! Check them out at this link!

One of my abolsute personal favorite conversions was that of the Specialty Vehicles Corperation built, Toyota extended cab duallys!

I’m sure there are more I’m missing! Let me know if you have heard of any. :)

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