Australia, American, Australia, American, Aus…….

The relevance of this scene is mind bogglingly accurate to that of the off beat burnout culture……

If your new to the best episode of the simpsons ever, then let me lend you a link to the scene: Here.

Although both countries love their burnouts, they treat them very differently. Australia has the burnout competitions at most drag events, the biggest as far as I know, at the Super Nationals and other massive events.

As you can see, they bring out some big guns and have some safety crews to monitor the fun. Now I’ve been to a few burnout comps, but nothing I’ve been to seems as organized and focused, and as passionate as the Australian comps.

The aussies will build vehicles just for burnouts comps. RWD converted Suzuki might boys, V8 mazda Bongo’s, etc. It’s popular enough that the Australian army even built a 6 wheel drive Landrover called, sadly, Armygeddon.  It’s that popular.

Now the murricans, though I’m sure the Aussies do it too, have a different approach.

Although hilariously G-max, a little less organized.  The truth of the matter is, no one here tolerates it? …..okay, fuck the simpsons, I was watching videos, and can’t get over this:

Straight up. What the fuck.

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