That Wagon

I literally have a folder on my computer named “that wagon”. There are certain cars in life that catch my interest, and I save little scraps about them like a squirrel. One of them is a Subaru Impreza wagon. It made an impression on me a long time ago, flipping through some magazine articles of random trips to Japan, in the back round you could see a little shitty white wagon always sliding along. Time and time again it pops up, never ever the focus of the video or article, it’s always out and about sliding. It’s been around for a very very long time, different states of repair, always out street jamming.

I know nothing about it, I chatted with Alexi about it once, he mumbled something I don’t remember and that’s about it. It’s the first RWD converted Subaru  I’d seen, long before Kumakubo or any of the Team Orange. I’d estimate around ’99  – ’00 era it was out and about shredding. Endlessly it pops up, usually Osaka street drifting videos, one little slide by the camera, chasing others, or just parked on the sidelines. I need to know more! Today, Driftworks posted a video of Meihan and there it was again. Found Here: DriftWorks

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