Take it to the streets

Slowly, there is a group of people managing to make street drifting a legitimate culture. Europe has always had hill climb events available to the public since the early days of motorsport. 3 Guys come to mind when thinking about Hill climb Drifting: Yves Faber and his mustang, Marc Fluery and his E30 coupe and Pepe Juan Torres and his 635i. Click in for videos.

Yves Faber


Marc Fleury


Pepe Juan Torres

2 thoughts on “Take it to the streets

  1. Check this – Team Orange tandem exhibition at the Hillclimb Ritsona in GREECE.

    I’ve long thought that setting up a Touge style event would be awesome. Unfortunately, to do it right it would need to be organized like a hill climb with permits, insurance, EMT, tow, volunteers, etc. Only skilled drivers with FD level safety gear could be allowed making it an expensive event to run and limiting the number of drivers that could participate.

    Or you could get get into RWD rally and drift for a hundred miles over the course of one or two days.

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