I realized today at work, that there is a rude flaw with the expected visualization of the future of transportation. Many visuals and descriptions of future transportation, space flight, depict the freedom we have now with the automobile except travelling between worlds rather than cities. I am not to say this is not possible, but perhaps further away than expected. My Girlfriend, an avid science fiction reader often dreams aloud of these visuals, the new human and their different daily lives then ours.  I’ve come across a problem with the idealistic expectation of traveling at free will in 3 dimensions. Changing direction takes up quite a lot of energy, our current vehicles use a dramatic amount of resources to create these movement changes, I struggle to imagine the results of adding a 3rd dimension of controlled movement. With strong difficulties in creating batteries and alternative power sources to that of a liquid fuel, vehicles are great consumers.  Space travel is becoming ever so realistic, though it most likely will need to be a commercial success before it becomes a personal freedom. The difficulty of moving people and resources to other planets, is the loss of resources on ours. The volume of oil, fuel, on our planet does not increase, it only decreases. As we travel outside our planet, we are spending resources from our planet that will not return to it. Fuel burnt off outside of the planet is gone forever, as with any metals or other resources taken. This poses a problem, as commercial success increases, hopefully it will bring new resources to replace the old, however, often in place of spent resources is the idea of resource, money. The alternative, or more viable in a sense of time, urgency into space, will be manned, but non-self-propulsion capsules. Whether using the rotation of the earth to literally throw the capsule, or a strange type of magnetic rail gun, these capsules will float on a projected path with hopes of an accurate trajectory. Fuel concern increases with time, as although time in many cases equals money, in these case, it equals population. The populous of earth will be much greater than it is now, consuming fuel at a greater rate than now.

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