Chicken Egg: Boxes of Box.

Boxes, little boxy boxes everywhere. Which came first!

The similarities between the E30 and the E7 are too obvious to discount.

The Similarities continue.

There is plenty more. So which came first you ask? Between the E30 and E7, the E7 was actually released in 1979. The e30 was released 3 years later in 1982. A sign of Japanese espionage? The truth is neither were truly first!

All hail mother russia, for she is the inventor of great box…or is she?

НЕТ! Мать Россия не герой ящик!

Like all good car design, the Italians even make boxes look good. The Fiat 124 Sedan was actually what Lada used as the basis for their never ending production of a great sedan.

So who really came first?

Well, the fiat 131 sedan, obviously. DUH.











Sup Bros. 1968 reppin’.

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