I have a guilty pleasure

ACR Dodge Neons are gorgeous. FWD, 152hp, 2300lbs, 4 wheel disc, upgraded front hubs and sway bars. Only available originally to SCCA members through dealerships. What’s wrong with me?


How to tell if a Neon is an ACR? No door trim from factory, smooth. both 2 and 4 door models. Why would you want one? Quicker than a civic, cute as a button.


3 thoughts on “I have a guilty pleasure

  1. It’s too bad 95% of these are now beat and completely worn out from daily driving abuse. I haven’t seen a clean 1G neon in years.

    Also, your blog sucks.

  2. Another reason to love the ACR

    “Car & Driver recently did a skidpad and autocross between a 1997 Cobra, Saturn, Neon, and Miata. On race slicks, the Neon was the *only* car able to pull over 1G of lateral acceleration.”

  3. Nitro yellow green is a sick passion i have. Most awesome neon colour. Frameless windows for the win as well

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