A Bunch of B & S sprinkled with Muster

Station wagons? Too many seats. Sports cars? Too fast. Pickup trucks? Too tall. Cube vans? too useful.

The pride of Australia comes the mix of them all: The Ute. Short for Utility Coupe. An attempt to make a vehicle socially acceptable for any occasion, the origins come from Ford Australia in the form of the V8 Utility.


Continued as a tradition in the land down under, the Ute has remained a staple of form and function since the Early 1930’s. Even to this day, Holden and Ford battle for sales over modern Utes.


However, the popularity and following has cultivated in a very specific way. With great attendance there is a gathering of Ute-thusiasts at ‘Ute Musters’.

Where a large number of B & S styled Ute’s compete for prizes in appearance and skills competitions.


Bull bar’s a blazin’, tail gates covered in decals. It’s hooning at it’s best with the Yobbos.

Height isn’t an issue, but rather surviving an impact of a kangaroo when bombing along some of the endless central Australian desert roads.

My favorite award from Ute Musters: “Most Feral Ute”.





One thought on “A Bunch of B & S sprinkled with Muster

  1. Don’t you wish you could fit the zeebo out with a bull bar and join this crowd ..at least just once.. 😛

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