My Early introduction to Aussie motoring.

4 events this week end. I’m wiped out entirly; sunburnt and covered in spider bites (That’s another story) Robbie, Jane, Noel, Juliette and I managed to make it out to 4 different motoring activities.




1. Archerfield Drift. Held by Dylan Anderson at Nizzpro in Gold Coast, Archerfield drift is a run what you brung type drift event every Thursday night for about $60! Reminds me of my precious Capital Drift.

2. Munch Inn (Munchies) Friday night cruise meet. A massive collection of Aussie muscle, filling entirely a parking lot circumferencing an entire shopping plaza with highly modified cars. Great way to drop and jaw and fill it up with a burger.

3. MG Club of Brisbane ‘Club Sprints’. Part 2 of a 3 part event held by the club, this event was out at the Holden Driving Training center! There was some ultra-high-end race cars out to run the course at full attack.

4. Also hosted by the MG club, part 3 was an exciting one!! A hill climb at Mt.Cotton. Shaped like a heart, the track was full of love for racing!



Here’s a quick video recap. I haven’t had a computer, and my camera is my cell phone, so this is the best quality I could muster up. I’m very sorry, but Robbie and I have been working together to improve the Quality. This video only shows a little bit of two of the 4 events!

I must say thank you to Robbie and Jane, as well as Noel and Juliette. Both couples have taken me into their homes and lives to help me jump right into my car obsession down here in Australia. It hasn’t even been a week yet and things are flying along!!!! Thanks also to Chris and Michelle out at the Holden Driving Center for allowing me to borrow some photos when my camera died. 🙂 You can see more of the Club Sprint photos here at this Facebook link. 

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