It’s been quite accidental that I keep ending up working on 3AC’s, but here we are. The many brutally slow, horribly efficient ‘power’ plants.

This little red AE86, was a rescue car. Ditched at the side of the highway, windows smashed in, and motor pooped. The free 3AC long block was retrieved from an outdoor Tarp garage, having sat on it’s side with no manifolds for 2 years. Popped it in, and it lives on even now. 

This blue engine bay is of a liftback AE71 I bought from the original owner. The motor died shortly after I bought it. So in went this freshly rebuilt 3AC that I had gotten for free. It was quite peppy and the carb was fiddled with, it used to throw fire out the tailpipe on decel. lol4306402a4fdb11e38c270e01faf4e0e4_8This little fellow is Shannon’s 3AC. We just freshened it up with some paint and gaskets. All Auto powerful Tercel.

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