Feminism, Bosozoku style!

So this being an automotive blog, might associate Bosozoku with the silhouette style cars with the crazy long front lips and the 6 foot high exhaust pipes.  But it does have a history of its own.

Not like this.
More like this.

Bosozoku lifestyle was originally a motorcycle thing, with its own over the top style and personality.  For some it was a way to reject society’s expectations and norms.  Japan is a nation built on tradition and uh, conformity?  No, that’s not the right word. Harmony?  Maybe.  Basically, your focus should be on the collective, and not individuality like it is in the West.  I’m told that for women, it’s even worse.  The traditional view is that women should basically leave the workforce and become housewives once they get married.  If that’s your thing, great!  However, as with most choices, it’s not everybody’s thing.  Granted, joining a youth gang might not be the optimal choice to make, but extreme pressures can lead to extreme reactions.

Note: Please wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Replacement skulls will not be provided.

Anyway, where was I going with this?  Oh, right.  I found this video a few days ago.  Enjoy.

Fight the power, Ladies!

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