Outlets Part 3: Zombies ate my neighbors.

For a zombie survival game, you wouldn’t think there would be any automotive firsts….


Our first automotive adventure was DayZ’s first ever car show!

Country truck Jamberoo.


3 trucks gathered for a truck show!
Ass to Ass comparison of the two common truck body types. One got a little more junk in the trunk, or planks in the stanks?
I have BOOBS?!?!
Ya, huh. I wonder if it fits.
Kinda. Can you see me?
Dummy, professionals back in.
All tucked away for the evening.

Rally Race!
Following the introduction of new vehicles for 0.59 next up was our Rally Race! We managed to find and repair two Volga’s near Bor, which seems to be a hot spot for them, no matter the server.

Our first Volga! Found this fella near the top of Bor, by the Radio tower. Needed everything, wheels, plugs, battery. This was our first Volga we ever got running!
Just chilling, a little ways, down the hill was another shell. Since there was 5 of us working together to get parts, we managed to have enough stuff to get two cars running!
We decided since there were two running examples, to run our Rally from Bor to Novaya Petrovka. First one there wins!
We blew out some tires on the way….many, many tires on the way. At one point we got the headlights working.
Everyone got a turn to drive the Volgas, but also fuck them up. I think in total we blew out about 7 tires between the two. Most were attributed to the learning curve of operating and maintaining the cars for the first time. Unless the tires are pristine condition, the car won’t handle correctly. Small collisions with solid objects instantly blow out the front tires. Here we stopped in a town to do repairs only to be swarmed by Zombies.
Back on the road, must get there first!
One of our comrades computers crash, resulting in his death in game as well. It ejected him from a moving car. Here the current 2nd place car, finds him DOA.
After the 2nd place car moved into first for the win, the now sore loser rammed the first place car at 100km/h! We spun out and rammed into a parked car, ruining both vehicles.
A rebel comrade became a defector after using the two cars to build one and ditch the group behind. His repairs were only good enough to strand him alone when he managed to roll the car at 120km/h.

Here’s some random footage from our Rally!

Drag Race
Most recently, our latest DayZ first, was a Drag Race.

I began our night with the goal of assembling and operating the groups first Lada Niva, a recent addition to DayZ. I was dying to try one! I found this example in some random server in the far North East town of Olsa.
After about an hour, I had supplied many of the parts, the battery, glow plug, gasoline, headlight and one of the 4 wheels needed. Two friends join me in my quest, after about another, and a few server hops, hour we had all 4 wheels.
Once we got our shit together and the cars packed, we were ready to go! A fourth member joined the server, but was on the far South West corner of the map near Bor. Road trip!
Like a modern Oregon Trail, we needed to grab some provisions to ensure our health of travel.
Locked and Loaded, did everyone Pee? I hope everyone Peed.
Idiot, my own lack of pants and of a coat almost caused me to freeze to death on my drive. Stopping in Berezhino to find some clothes is usually risky.
Our 4th member in Bor actually found a nearly complete Volga while waiting for his extraction! All it needed was some gas, and a little nudge to get out of the weeds. At about this time, a 5th member logged in near North West Airfields.
It’s an old Volga with no doors in a post apocalyptic landscape, gas mask is practically required.
Now a two car convoy for our 5th members extraction. We were cookin’ along these back roads. The two different cars did not like being near each other. In our previous Rally races, having two Volgas near each other caused no problems. Getting the Lada and Volga near each other caused many strange and weird bugs. One car would be frozen, but as one approached the other, the frozen vehicle would become unfrozen, and the two would swap suddenly states of functionality. With a decent following distance, both seemed to function alright, and glitches at higher speeds weren’t as prevalent.

A few of our group have accidentally lived in Australia and witnessed Aussie Skid paddocks. Here’s a member of a known video game development team doing his best.
Practically grandpa’s farm “Let’s do donuts in the field!”
This was the first of at least 4 rollovers in the Niva. Top heavy! This first one the Niva tipped over and then luckily rocked back into it’s drive wheels. You may want to click the image for a bigger view.
Hauling ass, we made it to the North West airfield, a crew of 5 people deep.
Staging up for the first documented DayZ Drag race ever!
Neutral drops in DayZ don’t seem like effective launch techniques. The Niva STOMPED the Volga brutally, it wasn’t even a competition, the Niva is unstoppable in 4th gear. Near the end of the strip the Niva rolled on hard braking, this is now the third time it’s been on it’s roof. Dummy.
Playing around with the Niva, I figured I could drive it on two wheels. I failed miserably and rolled it on it’s roof. I’m sure we can just bump it with the other car and it’ll be just…..
Idiots! At nearly exactly the same time we managed to get the Volga high sided on a log.
Fuck it, we’ll blow it up with a bunch of random grenades.
Typical redneck fashion, we shot at the dismantled car beached on our property.
A lot…..
One of our members decided to log off….permanently.

Here’s a video of some of the highlights of our Drag Race!

Good night! Hope you enjoyed out DayZ automotive adventures thus far!


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