Random find: Honda Scooters Promotional Item

So I was poking around one of my local Hard Offs today, and in the laserdisc bin, I saw a sleeve that was the wrong size.  Rather, a size that I don’t think laserdiscs came in.  So I pulled it out.  Then I noticed a Honda logo.  I knew I immediately had to have it, regardless of what it was.  It didn’t matter that my family’s laserdisc player was on the other side of the planet.

This was the cover.  I don’t know what that contraption he’s wearing is.  Perhaps some sort of headphone radio?  Whatever it is, it appears to be missing some components.


Closeup of the text.  Engrish!


The “obi” of the sleeve. See the Honda logo on the left there?  That’s how I knew this was going to be interesting.


Definitely something to do with scooters.  That’s pretty cool.


Back of the sleeve.  So very 80s.


It’s a track listing then?  Odd names.


At the bottom, it lists the specs of the DJ-1 scooters.  That’s kinda neat.


Time to pull out the silvery disc.  That’s not a laserdisc.  That’s not a record.  That’s an oddly presented calculator and a minuscule digital clock.  Sadly, it’s missing what appears to be some sort of cardboard or plastic stand that holds it up like a collectible plate. What a weird bit of motoring history.



I found the commercial that goes with this thing!


And if you like the song, here’s the video courtesy of Pearl TV of Hong Kong??


This too


And a cover version from what appears to be some sort of Japanese “Footloose” type movie.

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