So I’m a nerd. Now that I’m no longer wrenching on real cars for the time being, I’ve reverted back to virtual wrenching. This is my current project, and remains at an ‘under construction’ period for now. If your interested in seeing the detail further, just keep clicking the picture, it’ll eventually get bigger. Note: Since last posted I’ve updated this with finalized shots. I feel I can go no further than this other than building it for real. Donations welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

The original concept from last year:

And the rest of the bits:

I hate when I get to this point! Because I want to drive it, but alas have to move onto something new…any ideas?


  1. As car mods have become quite popular in LFS, do you think that you could make this a model playable as XRT? I love the model, especially the fender mirrors and pickup convertion.

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