Fallen Hero

A while back I made a post of one of the most influential drift cars to impact the world.

The post: Before And After covered a car that affected me greatly. Kumakubo, the owner of Ebisu track, and D1 great’s 180sx. It began life as a basic 180sx, but eventually evolved into a Sil80 truck. Truck conversions are not a new ground, but to the world, it was something very fresh and new in the drifting world. Being linked to someone so passionate about drifting, and so interested in sharing this interest. This Sil80-truck saw the world, doing demo’s across continents. For many people this was their first introduction to drifting, in parts of the world that had never seen it before.

This is an update, I was going through some posts and found some pictures that quite upset me. As early as 2009 one of my favorite drift cars ever built was being salvaged for parts at Ebisu. Another in the line of dead missiles scattered around the track. Fucking horrible.

Discovered by Alexi at Noriyaro, I’m hurt and saddened this once great hero, is now bones of it’s once glorious self.

R.I.P. to the worlds, once greatest drift truck conversion.

6 thoughts on “Fallen Hero

  1. Hey Josh I would like if u can me those pics via email I’m in the process of a truck build myself. Any help would be definitely appreciated

  2. hey quinn, I’ve got a hand full of larger old pics of that car you might like. you got an email address I can send them to?

  3. This is what made me discover drifting, I owe big time this ”truck” for what it made me the way I am now.

    I’ve been searching but without success is Dart Izumi Jr.’s Supra MKIII yellow truck conversion without any results except a Drift ”big X” demo as the camera car.

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