Umgebauten Lastwagen

I find the best posts on this blog seem to have a continuation of story’s or themes from previous epic posts. Sex? Boring, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fetishes. There’s something so satisfying about roof modifications. It’s the core of cool, the roots of rat, the midst of magnificent. Since the dawn of shit beat fun cars, hacking up the roof has always been left to those who are rad as fuck.

I had built two before, that’s right, cut cars into trucks. Previously welding was just beyond my reach. A bunch of us came together on Josh’s 325i to make it a bit more of a memorable missi….track bomb. David, Colby, Nick, Dan, Warren and I put in the elbow grease to do a somewhat acceptable truck conversion to this E30 on the cheap. No new metal, all recycled from previous chunks of the car came together to make a nice ‘ute’ version of an otherwise rusty, lumpy German performance classic.  My 3rd truck conversion, and the best yet, another to add to the list!

Smashed lip, and rusty arch, fender rolling in the winter? how silly.
The profile of a properly designed B-pillar. Take note ya jerks. Flat skinny B pillars are for fairies.
Leonardo DiCaprio hangin' out in his sweet whip, while Nick and Warren play bikes n shit.
A can and some CD hang as floating targets for an airsoft gun. Only Gangsters wear chains.


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